About Us


Our brand thrives on a fascination for imagery. For drawing, for illustration. We don't merely aim to create clothing; rather, we seek quality and perfection in everything we do.

Born on the creative coast of the Mediterranean, in Valencia. Yet, we work globally with illustrators from all around the planet.

We will produce super limited editions from artists we admire. Therefore, our T-shirts will be collectibles.

And it is being built on the premise of Quality and Style.

Hard work and a creative attitude are the fuel that feeds our passion for creating enduring garments that transcend and outlast fashion trends over time.

Working closely with artists and manufacturers from around the world, we are constantly pushing ourselves to make the best and most sustainable clothing possible.

At Hofhund, we have 4 key principles: Creativity, Quality, Hard Work, and Fun. These values serve as our guide to staying focused and united, not only as a brand but also as individuals.

We always wanted to create a brand that represents us. One that reflects our style, our choices, and even our personality. Our brand keeps us focused and grounded in our everyday lives.


We believe that what we desire should be the starting point for a way of seeing and shaping the world with purpose. We want to believe in that purpose and live with that purpose.

We understand the diversity of people, and that's why we don't want to standardize them. For this reason, we aim to make small launches or drops, with a maximum of 100 to 200 units. And while bulk production would reduce costs and expand margins, we believe it would have a tremendous impact on the planet.


Small changes that make a big difference

Not only do we want to be as sustainable as possible, but also personally. We will always strive to have the least bio impact on the planet.